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Higher education astrologer baba ji Education results in humility. Humility grants ability. Ability or ability brings money. Money helps you to make, religious affairs and your religious affairs bring party of happiness to you. In a horoscope the 4th house - karaka the house of education, and 5th that from intelligence As the 2nd house - the house of the speech and the goddess Sarasvati, thus, can also be considered it as the house of education and erudition. To achieve to achievements in area of the higher education the 9th house is important, and the 10th house - the house of Karaka of a name and popularity from education. There is very close connection between education and intelligence. Also between the 4th and 5th house there is a close connection.

All planets are connected with various genres of education. For example Jupiter the main karaka of the Veda, philosophies and astrologist Mercury - signification of mathematics, financial management and medical Venus is favorable for music and effective interpretation. Mars gives ability to operate and fight against injustice. It is the main karaka of art of war.

The sun represents administrative education, medical and philosophy. The moon is favorable for medical, poetry, astronomy, spiritual and astrological education Saturn and Rahu - the head Caracas of foreign education the 9th house, Jupiter and the Moon - the main karakas of spiritual education. In a horoscope the tenacious power and ability to get education are studied from Mercury, whereas Jupiter - the main karaka of educational up gradation.

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Child education specialist tantrik baba ji Investigation: If the lord of the fifth house Mercury is connected to any benefic the planet and receives aspect of benefic of the planet. If the 5th lord together with benefic planets, Mercury is glorified, Mercury placed to the fifth house or navamsa of the lord of the 5th lord inspected benefic the planet in Kendra is good. If any of the above-mentioned takes place, the local would be clever. When Mercury is in the town house or in Kendra from influence or remains in a triad, the local is prospered with secondary education, vehicles and property.

If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in the ninth house, the local - the famous scientist. The combination of Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in the ninth house supply the local with full erudition and eloquence of the speech. The local is very clever if the 5th lord zap nut between benefic planets or if the lord of a sign where the 5th lord is placed, receives favorable aspect from planet benefic. The intelligence of the local very much an ouster when the 5th house intermediate two benefic of the planet, Jupiter is in the 5th, and Mercury isn't broken.

Memory: If the lord of the fifth is in connection or accepted benefic by the planet at home, or the fifth house is occupied or accepted benefic the planet or if the lord of the fifth from Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikona at home, the local is allocated with sharp memory. Grammar: If influential Jupiter and the lord of the second house.

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