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Vastu for factory

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Vastu for factory successfully consulting the help of very old Vaastu Shastra it is vital for development of the industry. It guarantees successful management of business activity, leading to bigger production and the best monetary profit. Application of Vaastu council for the industry can have the big help, and it lays a way to prosperity in business also. Some things consider, establishing Vastu of the recommendation for industries which include a place choice, position of electronic devices, placement of heavy mechanical engineering, location of a guard house, location of beams, the direction of an entrance, the direction and placement of windows, quarters of staff, storeroom, administrative area, the color scheme of the industry, placement of raw materials, etc. Pass the following lines to receive some Vastu councils for the industry. The main construction has to take place in southwest part of plot. There has to be more open space on North and East sides of plot.

The correct place for installation of the top water tank - a northeast zone on the other hand, storage of ground water (cesspool) has to be placed either in the northeast or on the northern direction. The ideal place for storage of raw materials is in the western part. For finished products the corresponding place - that, lying on the northwest party of plot. The directions recommended for placement of doors: northeast or East or northwest. If you want to support a good lawn, northern and east parts of plot the corresponding. Ideal location for construction of administrative area is North or East side.

Vastu for factory by tantrik baba ji

For quarters of staff the correct place - that, lying in a southeast or northwest zone. According to Vaastu Shastra, the cabin of important heads of factory has to face the northern direction while their sitting situation has to be in a southwest zone. Guarantee that all staff and workers of your factory faced the East, and their zone of activity is placed on the central, northern and east zones. Experts of Vaastu Shastra say that important decisions have to be made in borders of a southwest zone. Also bring to the heads facing the North benefit. The department of R & the D industry has to continue the actions in a northeast zone.

It is considered that all actions concerning accounts and legal procedures of the organization have to be limited to east zone. Toilets, the dining room and the retiring room can be placed in the western zone of the organization. If it is dairy plant, plastic bags have to be kept in the south. If you operate cold drinks or plant of ice cream, make sure that the refrigerator and other plants of cooling are located in a southeast corner or in the southern corner. In case of chemical factory the copper has to be established in a southeast corner or in the south.

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